Reiki , The Healing Art:
( This excerpt is from Kellie's wonderful website:---  search: avalon crystals )  She offers an extensive amount of knowledge on Reiki, spirituality, and the healing properties of gems and crystals, and provides healing grids, crystals, jewelry, and other wonderful gifts.
    Reiki is an ancient healing art that has been around for thousands of years.  In the early 1920's,  a spiritual man,  Mikao Usui,  rediscovered Reiki while meditating at one of the power sites on Mt. Kurama,  near the city of Kyoto.  Dr. Usui soon established healing centers in Tokyo where he created the three levels of training. 

    Reiki is a Japanese word.  "REI" meaning Universal Higher Power,  and "KI" meaning
individual life-force energy.   Reiki is spiritually guided life-force energy,  and works on the physical,  emotional,  mental,  and  spiritual levels of being.
    Reiki restores balance and flow to the chakras-  energy centers that feed the physical body (organs and glands) with its life force. 
    As we experience stress,  emotional overload,  negative thinking, and  patterns of guilt and shame,  these " invisible wheels of Light"  become blocked,  constricted,  disfigured,  or enlarged,  eventually manifesting illness in the physical body.

    Reiki restores the balance within the major and minor chakras,  bringing a sense of renewal,  mental clarity,  and balance.  The results are peace,  profound relaxation,  and harmony within the mind-body-spirit complex.
elasticity to the muscles and ligaments,  and strengthens the bones.  Essential oils and fragrances are also an important part of life.  They open the mind and heart and purify the air and aura.  Incense works along the same lines.  It aides in purification and helps create an atmosphere receptive to the Divine powers. 
    Massage and external application of oils are necessary for most of us on a regular basis.  Therapeutic touch communicates to our body and breaks stagnation along its surface. 
    Oil  massage nourishes the heart and calms the mind.  It gives

Massage Therapy:
( The above paragraph regarding massage is an excerpt from Dr David Frawley's book, "Ayurvedic Healing",   Lotus Press. )
    At Yogadragon Studio,  the practitioner draws and utilizes Reiki energy during the massage,  and also annoints each of the seven major chakras (energy points) with gem essences or aromatic essential therapeutic oils designed especially for the energies of each respective chakra.
Kevin Trudeau's website on natural cures states:  
    Crystal therapy,  sometimes referred to as Gem therapy or Crystal healing,  uses quartz crystals,  gemstones,  and other types of crystals and stones for therapeutic and healing purposes.  Like the human body,  crystals and gemstones are known to have electromagnetic energy.  They emit vibrations and frequencies that affect the whole being- body, mind, and spirit.

   I have been collecting and working with crystals intensively for over fifteen years.  I use them for healing,  meditation, ornamentation and feng-shui,  grids for distance healing and protection,  and for creating vortexes of light when I go to a home to work with the crossing over of discarnate entities.   For more information on the expansive list of uses for the Mineral kingdom,  please arrange a seminar with me.

    " The right use of colors has a harmonizing effect on the mind and our emotions through the senses.  Our impressions feed the mind and affect the doshas.  Gems help balance the aura and harmonize the cosmic influences projected upon us through the stars.  They are not merely ornamentation but offer an additional method of attunement with the subtle energies of life."
    In Dr. David Frawley's book on Ayurvedic healing he writes:
    Crystal Healing is truly ancient,  possibly pre-dating its historic records.  The power and allure of gems has been presented throughout human history through wedding rings and birthstones,  and has been represented throughout the Old Testament of the Christian Bible through ceremony,  jewel - giving,  and in the construction of crowns and body armor,  citing the specific placement, dimensions, and diagramming of gems on each item.

    Gem therapy is often misunderstood because it seems to place power within inanimate objects.  It has also been mistakenly associated with black magic or voo-doo type evil charm.

    Bringing crystals into your personal space is a way of connecting with  the earth.  Gems bring more life-force energy into the body through the chakras.  
    At Yogadragon Studio & Reiki Zone,  reflexology is combined with Massage therapy,  and is based on ancient eastern healing methods that show the hands and feet to be a map of the physical body,  corresponding to the various meridians and channels of life energy that nourish the glands and organs.   It is a method you can do this yourself anytime you need a lift!
For information on  Ayurveda,  see  Yoga & Ayurveda  tab
Ayurvedic Healing:
Reiki Distance Healing:
    To the right you will see my hand-made personal distance healing grid.  It displays the sacred antahkarana symbol, used in ancient healing temples,  and the crystals that I use with it.  For healing  it is combined with the sacred Reiki healing distance symbol.  For more information on distance healing see the services tab of my website.
    ENERGY AND BODYWORK include a number of modalities,  and
creative additions are being added each day.  All bodywork is
good and  it's holistic,  meaning it treats the "whole" person-   body,
mind,  and  spirit.
    The scope of treatments is too extensive to list,  but some of the 
current modalities include Reiki,  massage,  crystal healing,  acupuncture,  holistic facials,  craniosacral therapy,  colon hydrotherapy,  alphabiotics,  chiropractics,  homeopathy,  iridology, rolfing bodywork,  magnetic therapy,  trigger-point and myotherapy,  Ayurvedic Medicine,  aromatherapy,  bioenergetics,  and  reflexology.
     The bodywork currently being offered at Yogadragon Studio will
be listed and explained in detail below.  For an EXTENSIVE  list of natural cures,  you  can  visit  Kevin Trudeau's website: 

     you can also hit   www.naturalcures