Angela LaMarch offers a variety of holistic seminars

  aimed at providing empowering,  uplifting,  practical and  insightful  information
  to groups.   She aspires to make  her seminars  interactive,  inspirational,
  educational,  and fun.

  *   Seminars can be tailored to smaller groups or corporate level  gatherings,  and
  generally last between two and three hours.

  *  Local corporate speaking engagements generally cost $ 150.
  *  Half,  full-day,  or weekend committments must be pre-planned.
        Other workshops and seminars require a minimum of five people,  and
   I  generally charge $20 per person,  except for Drum Circles,  where I
  accept  (but do not require ) donations.

' All About Chakras & The Human Energy Field '
    This seminar is an absolute MUST for anyone who has never heard of or explored these subjects, which are two of the most important and vital aspects of human consciousness and physiology.

    This seminar will provide an understanding of both the human energy  
field  ( frequently referred to as the "aura" ),  and the seven major chakras.

    The workshop is also interactive and we get to play a little:

                  *  We do some 'Qu' chong' or dry brushing of the aura

                   *  Watch and learn the correct placement of crystals
                       according to numerology and color on a volunteer

                   *  Placing essential oils on the chakras     &

                   *  Using bija mantra (vocal toning) and visualization to
                       balance each chakra

    Attendees are strongly urged to integrate some of these techniques
or practices into their health care regimen.

  ' Meditation  Workshop  '
    Experience the bliss of communication with the heart of Creation,
allowing the Master to work in and through you.

    This seminar explores a multitude of styles and techniques for meditation.  Learn and work with Yoga pranayama,  light asana,  guided imagery,  trataka,  and mantra.

    Every human being is energetically created and designed to tap into
the Universal Mind. 

    Tips to get you on your way toward Oneness and serenity are
offered,  such as proper diet,  cultivation of the sattvic mind,  repetition of verse or prayer,  and the use of mudras.

   May your soul be illuminated with Light and your heart open to the beauty of your Divinity!
   ' Ayurvedic Healing is for Everyone '
     The fundamentals of Ayurvedic healing are outlined in this presentation,  and this deep tradition is explored as an ultimate healing tool. 

    Ayurveda is the oldest known record of man's conscious experience.
It is part of the Vedic sciences and its secrets impart total wellness and disease reversal.

    It prescribes natural and non-toxic healing regimens such as herbs,  mantra,  aromas,  Yoga,  proper diet,  meditation,  crystal or color therapy,  devotional prayer,  sound healing,  and other pancha karmas,
based upon an individual's unique biological 'constitution'.  It gently guides you back to Nature and cyclical balance through the cultivation of spirituality,  virtue,  and right living. 

   Its holistic methodology slowly brings a restless and overstimulated mind under control,  and pure diet,  sensory modification,  and emotional wellness follow suit.

   For more information please see the Yoga & Ayurveda tab
    '  The Quantum Awakening  '
    An intensive, guided open discussion based upon prophecy,  biblical teaching,  and the Mayan prophecy,  as well as other spiritual traditions and philosophies. 

    The Harmonic Concordance and Convergence are sited and heaven on Earth is seen as a distinct possibility based upon current streams of probability.  The spiritual resurgence and cellular awakening of Man is
already evident,  and the evolution of our consciousness is set for its completion around 2012.  Each day gathers new evidence of this promise
as Lightworkers continue to emerge and a network of Unity consciousness expands.

    Jesus once said,  regarding the end times,  that during that time the children of God will do what he has done,  and much more.  You shall prophecy,  heal,  create, and do many Great Works.  The phenomenon
of "channelling"  ( direct and telepathic communication with otherworldly
and Galactic Beings of Light is one such gift and miracle,  as well as our
continually evolving aptitude for interdimensional or astral travel and distance healing.

    A clearer and more accurate translation of selected biblical topics
reveal and support this completion cycle of mankind.  Some subjects
may be controversial but this meeting provides a safe environment where all opinions are honored.  It is said that during the year 2007 a resolution will occur between spiritual and fundamentalist Christian groups-  I hope so!

    THE VISION IS PEACE ON EARTH WHERE ALL BEINGS ARE FREE FROM SUFFERING.  The Universe is seen as perfect in its Divine Order,  and no institutions,  governments,  religions,  or nationalities are a target for blame as we take responsibility for creating our own reality.

    The Awakening is a call to action,  and a prepararion for the challenges ahead,  but is also a celebration and an invitation to explore the knowledge and gifts of healing and transformation now available to

    It is the dawning of a new and Golden Aquarian Age,  as we prepare for the quantum leap of collective consciousness from the Galactic Underworld to the Universal Underworld of 2012 and beyond. 

' Empowerment & Emotional Healing Through The Archetypes '
    This seminar is based upon the healing and transformational
work of Carolyn Myss,  a pioneer in the field and author of  "Sacred Contracts"  and other wonderful books. 

     The concept of Archetypes will be revealed as the gallery of Archetypes is introduced.  Students begin to shift their perspective
and understanding of energy as they realize the inherent neutrality
of archetypal and astrological influence and their opportunities for growth,  forgiveness, and healing.  The emotional body begins to heal when life's dramas and lessons are viewed as sacred contractual energy.

    Then participants spend some time identifying their personal and most prominent archetypes starting with the Child archetype.
Materials are handed out and we cast our unique Wheel of Archetypes in a tarot-like fashion within the astrological houses.
Deep insights occur as archetypes are placed within the wheel, along with added inspiration as excerpts from Carolyn's book are shared.

    This knowledge becomes ongoing and practical and a new way of being emerges as we see patterns and opportunities for growth occuring within our future contracts or life situations.  Religious tolerance is also enhanced.
'  The Mineral Kingdom '

    This conference is based upon my fifteen years of work with crystals and gemstones.   A fifty page booklet has been prepared for
the participants to keep,  which chronicles a multitude of practical uses for crystals,  including meditation, healing, collecting,  feng shui,  gridding,  chakra balancing,  elixirs,  and more.

    Everything you need to know to begin the journey of adding crystals and healing jewelry to your personal space will be covered,
and unusual and rare geometric crystal configurations will be introduced for your shopping convenience. 

    A list of local specialty shops where you can obtain specimens
is included in the booklet.

    Class ends with a guided healing meditation.
' Sound Healing : Techniques Ancient & Modern '
    An explanation of modern techniques and their cognitive healing abilities through the use of digital technology will be accompanied by visual aides and sample tapes.

    A basic explanation of the role and importance of alpha, beta,  delta, and theta brain wave states will be provided along with how music technology is used to create optimal whole-brain states. 

    Then we venture back in time to the ancient wisdom of the Vedic Sciences,  exploring sound healing through the chakras. 

    Visual aides and information about the integral chakra sytem within the human body and their seed mantras is explained before
settling into meditative postures in preparation for deep healing and rebalancing through chant-like toning.

    The workshop ends with a guided soul-star meditation to link the Divine and human aspects of the Self,  along with a prayer for world peace and the chant of 'Om'
For more information and graphics on sound healing,  see the Yoga & Ayurveda tab
' An Evening of Kirtan,  Percussion,  & Guide Imagery '
  The rich history and transcendental benefits of Kirtan chanting are presented.  The chants are scripted and the melodies are sweet and simple making it easy to participate to the fullest. 

   We begin with the annointing of the ajna  (third eye) chakra, and a prayer for unity and peace. 

    Accoustic guitar then carries us into a new kind of devotional energy where Spirit pervades all things.   The goddess is honored as she victoriously returns to earth washing our sacred home with Love.

   After becoming comfortable with the chants participants are encouraged to add some light drumming or other percussive sounds.

        *  The seminar ends with a guided healing meditation. *

  Drum Circles
    Drum circles are fun and a great way to heal ourselves and connect with the Mother Earth.   They relieve stress, connect us with our Native ancestors, and invigorate us with primal energy.

    You are invited to bring your drum and a light snack to share if you like.  I always have extra guitars, rainsticks, and other percussive instruments available.

    Any donations received will be given to my dear friend and music connection,  Yvette Melendez , if we are so blessed with her presence.  ( Otherwise they go towards studio improvements. )

    Yvette is a profoundly powerful light warrior goddess,  and a spiritual and Shamanic drum leader.  We both sing and play guitar,
but Ya-Ya's drumming will enchant you!