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   Distance Healing
     Angela has been teaching Arts & Crafts for over twenty years, and has worked with learning -disabled, elementary,   junior , and senior high school students, as well as inner-city , brain-injured, and residential students.  She has taught drawing & painting,
calligraphy,  pottery,  and a host of other mediums.
     On-site art services include supplies, and cost $60  per 2-hour session.
     On-site services will begin after construction of the new studio is complete.
     Art lessons or therapy are currently available at your home,  within a 45-mile radius. 
     Seminars are on-going,  and subject to your creative input.  They  are presently being offered at your site,  and will be held on-site as the renovations are completed.   
     They include a number of workshops covering  such topics as  Ayurveda,  Healing & Empowerment through Personal Archetypes,  Meditation,  Shamanic Drumming & Chanting,  Sound Healing,  Working With Crystals,  Chakras,  and  Information About the Quantum Awakening of Mankind.
     For more information, please click on the Seminars tab.
On-site yoga services will be offered as the new studio is complete.  Private Yoga services are currrently being offered at your home.
     Distance healing,  also known as remote healing,  is a powerful gift now available to Humanity.  It utilizes the powerful symbols and energy of Reiki,  and can be channeled to you wherever you are.  It involves a preliminary phone call,  to set your intentions for healing,  balancing,  and empowerment,  and to prepare. 
      It is recommended that you purchase any clear quartz crystal and hold it during the process.   After getting in a comfortable and relaxed state,  the call is ended,  and a full hour of healing is channelled into your Being.  
     Then I will call you back for a short discussion.  The cost is the same as a "regular"  Reiki session,  although it takes immense
concentration on the part of the distance healer.     $40/ hour
Sound- healing:  
Please see the Yoga & ayurveda tab,  and seminar tabs for info. on sound- healing.
House Clearing:
     I charge $40 when I arrive to do a general cleansing of stagnant energy fields formed from negative thought forms,  "auric vampirism",  and residues left from the energy fields of very negative or violent people.  A laser wand and other tools are prepared in advance.
     When I work at sites involving reported evidence of discarnate energies or entities I charge $60 to facilitate removal.  I could charge a ridiculous amount of money for this service but the truth is that these souls need to pass over into life- review because there are no longer growth opportunities for them in the earth plane.

* Private Yoga                $60 per 1 & 1/2 hour
   - private  lessons  include  the  exploration of  holistic  healing  
            modalities,  meditative techniques,  ayurveda, &  sound healing

* Crystal Therapy         $ 80 per hour
  - the  ancient art of  the  laying on of crystals to balance  the  chakras
        and to impart  both  healing and  empowerment.

* Quantum Energy Alignment:                                                                        $60 per hour
  - an alignment of the energy field using crystalline sound frequencies

* Reiki                             $ 40 per hour session

* House & Car -     clearing* blessing* grids
  includes feng-shui crystal protective grids,
    helping spirits to pass over, etc.
       (see below for process used with entities)
     It takes me an hour to prepare my physical body and tools for this type of work.   Because the true work is executed by the Archangel realm, the throne energies make it relatively non-problematic. 
Here is the process:
1.)     Children  and/or  persons sustaining excess fear may decide to leave   
 the premises,  but at least ONE person must stay with me as witness.
2.)     The outside of the house is enveloped in a circle of 90-degree angles three times to permanently keep the house clean.  This is done with a laser wand.
3.)     Each individual present stands back to back as I repeat the process indoors.
4.)     Each corner of the house is smudged using sacred symbols.
5.)     I call the Reiki energy and trace the distance symbol in the center of the room,  passing through it as I am finished.
6.)      Four (or more) of the Archangels are invoked,  starting at due East with Archangel Michael,  South- Raphael,  West- Uriel,  and North-  Gabriel.
7.)     A vortex of Light is created using six pieces of mystic purple heart wood with powerful crystals placed atop,  forming a six-pointed star.  ( Star of David)
8.)     The crystalline grid is activated with sage-  the crystals are smudged nine times,  working in a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE direction.
9.)     The entity is commanded to enter into the portal where its consciousness is transmuted,  and is escorted onward.  
10.)     Prayers for guardianship of the soul are granted and the Throne Energy is heartfully thanked for this cosmic service.
11.)     A next day follow-up call is scheduled.   Future calls are encouraged.
The house should be clear and protected !

 Services We Offer:
 Distance  Healing
See below for info. on house clearing,  art therapy,  distance healing,  sound
    healing, &  seminars.