Yoga is the science of  TOTAL body care:
        that means nourishing your entire being through physical vitality,  mental composure,  emotional wellness,  and spiritual renewal through recognition of your divine nature. 

  The benefits of studying Yoga with an experienced instructor include personal healing and goal-setting through physical fitness of core muscle groups,  improved concentration,  and relief of anxiety,  pain,  low self-esteem,  fatigue, depression,  immunity distress,  eye irritation,  or other physical complaints.

  Detoxification,  diet,  and weight management are also Yogic concerns.

  Empowerment,  inner peace,  and meditation are also fostered through experimentation with what works for you!
Ayurvedic  Healing
  Ayurveda  or  "The Knowledge of  Life"  is the world's oldest system of natural health and self-healing and  promotes health using natural  & non-toxic substances.

    Ayurveda recognizes the important role that the mind and emotions play upon health while adhering to natural cycles and rhythms,  and is  fast becoming an integral part of a global paradigm shift in health care ,  using the best developments from all cultures. 

    It is the oldest record of the Supreme Knowledge and experience of mankind,  supporting harmony
with Nature and Oneness with the Universe.

  Ayurveda guides us back to a natural way of living by first assessing our unique ayurvedic constitution or "biological humor" according to the Doshas.   It supports healing through daily and seasonal diet and lifestyle,  and improves vitality through the use of herbs,  spices, mental hygiene,  detoxification, breathing,  Yoga,  chakra-balancing,  meditation,  and  sound  therapy,  all based on your individual constitutional needs.

  Ayurveda is for everyone!   It provides simple and practical  principles for balance & well-being.

  Ayurveda is incorporated into my private (and group) Yoga  sessions,  and I also offer a seminar on Ayurveda.

Sound- healing:
    At Yogadragon Studio sound-healing is explored using two separate but mutually- enhancing  philosophies -   That of creating whole-brain states through modern technology,   and  that of the Yogic &  Ayurvedic tradition of  utilizing voice with bija (seed) mantras for each chakra.
    This  technological rendition of sound healing is generally used during private Yoga sessions.  Balancing postures and crystals can also be added to create whole brainwave states and balance  the hemispheres.
( See also:  Seminars tab for sound- healing
                    &   Kirtan/ drumming
    The other way we explore the concept of sound for deep healing is through the much older tradition of  mantra.   Mantra can be used along with Yoga asana and Yoga pranayama for sound healing through chakra-balancing.  Chakras are discussed under the energy tab.

    Bija - seed mantras- and other chants can be used while the spine is erect for profound chakra-balancing,  while in meditation.
    Sound healing is incorporated into a number of my practices,  including Yoga  and  energy work,  and is offered as a seminar.